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Friday, April 23, 2010

Current Condition... Inspiration

So I haven't really changed my diet much as far as items go. I am still generally eating potatoes, egg whites and lean beef and feeling really good. I am definitely getting more separation in my physique and the scale tells me my weight is around 185-187, although Im not sure how accurate it is.

My training routine has changed considerably. And I have continued to increase my volume of training. I have found that my body responds best to this types of training when my goals are hypertrophy. The routine is based on that of Serge Nubret. I feel that if a person is looking to increase strength, than yes, low volume is best as it causes more stress on CNS. One of the best ways to increase intensity is not through simply increasing weight but actually decreasing resting time between sets. I have also found that increase work capacity is also crucial in muscle hypertrophy.

Serge Nubret in my opinion is probably the greatest and most humble bodybuilder to come after the Golden Age. He grew-up in Guadeloupe and learned how to train through his on experiences and eating his native foods. He is against the use of supplements including protein powder, and eats and recommends a diet of Red Meat, Rice and Beans. His training style is based on the Mind-Muscle connection which I have found the most success with. I have learned not to worry about how much weight I am using and concentrate on the pump as well as the actual movement of the weight. I have included an interview which you can hear him talk about bodybuilding.

I should be receiving my Science Behind the Cycle Diet DVD on Tuesday and will be reviewing it on here. I have been reading much of Scott's forum and posts and it is painting a picture for me as to how I should read my biofeedback. After viewing it, I am going to try and apply the principles if they will work for me this summer. If not, I will wait until fall time to try it.


  1. Still on potatoes? Given up on rice? I have been eating mainly rice noodles from a local SE Asian grocery as my starch. Quick to cook. Pad Thai style noodles.

    Yesterday I did make a curry with home made coconut milk and had potatoes in it, and rice noodles on the side. I am liking combining starches.

    How tall are you at 185?

  2. I am still going strong with the potatoes. I occasionally eat some white rice to mix it up. I have been also mixing potatoes with the rice and I too enjoy the mix of starches.

    I am about 193 right now and stand right around 6' 4".


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