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Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back

So, for the last month I have been busy traveling and spending time with my family. I think I only did 2 traditional workouts in the last 30 days and they were in the in the first week. The rest of the time I had been laying in the sun with a little swimming thrown in.

This was truly the longest I had gone without weight exercising since I began 2 years ago. I only a little size but other than that look just about the same. I was originally worried I would lose some muscle but this did not happen. My diet during the break stayed pretty consistent with the high starch low-moderate protein and low fat.

Today was my return to the gym and it went well with no strength loss. I am still deciding and playing around with what exercises I will be using for this next program. Still looking to gain some size but my goals are slightly different. I will do a post of what my new program looks like in the next few days.


  1. I still had a difficult time getting through my workout today. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn't do much stretching except for a very brief warm-up. I did all the same exercises as I did last time except I added one legged calf raises. I eventually want to do all of the following exercises below. It's more than the previous list I had put down in your other blog. I may limit them to just 1 8-12 rep set max each exercise.

    Bench Press
    Military Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Bent Over Rows
    Stiff legged dead lifts
    Arm curl
    Lying triceps extensions
    Chin ups
    Dumbbell shrugs
    Overhead Squats
    Upright Rows
    Lateral Raises
    bear crawls, gorilla crawls, abs, weighted obliques, jumping straight up and long jumping or one legged, laying on knees and explosively jumping into a full squat repeatedly, one legged calf raises, neck bridges with rotation, one handed pushups, one legged squats, handstand pushups, duck walks, acrobatics and break dancing, striking, Running at 6 minute mile pace or faster for 1 minute, sprint, warming up, stretching, and I believe that's it, cycle at a slow-medium pace for 5 minutes at end of routine.

  2. It definitely takes much time to begin to adapt to a routine. Just keep at it consistently.
    You may eventually have to break that into a 2-day split once you progress to doing more than one set per exercise so you can increase the intensity.

  3. You should take a look at the files you sent me.


    That's where the Arthur Jones books were contained. In some of this guy's articles this guy says it takes 48 hours for the central nervous system to recover, even if you split up your body parts. They say to just split up different parts of the body three times a week. I decided it's a better idea to do a full body workout 3 times a week.

    I'm going to do my yoga, striking, mobility routine 3 times a week on separate days. Calisthenics, body weight exercises, and isometrics will be on the same days as my weightlifting routine. Therefore both my yoga and my weightlifting days will be 1 hour long each. I found what really helped with my recovery was rolling on the ground front and back explosively and roughly, along with stretching and striking really helped open my body up and I'm sure I'll have a good workout tomorrow. I didn't realize how sore my wrists were until I pulled each hand down at a 180 degree angle from the wrists. Then I massaged the muscles in the wrists to loosen them up.

    I need to access if I'm already working out certain muscles enough in compound exercises and decide if I should remove some of the isolated exercise. Most likely just the shoulder exercises. Believe it or not the most sore regions of my body after this workout are my legs and my upper back. My pecs, wrists, and back region also get some soreness in them. I might just alternate between dead lifts and squats every other session. I'm sure as I become more effective with mobility and stretching my endurance and strength will also greatly increase. I take in 250g of carbs during workout, 300g of carbs 2 hours before a workout, and 50g fat/50g carb post weightlifing workout. Getting in those carbs is probably very important.

  4. For my peri workout drink I mixed concentrated gatorade with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This is a great combination for enhancing workout performance, muscle recovery, and avoiding soreness/lactic acid buildup. I don't 1/5th as the Monday workout as I did on the Thursday workout of last week because I took in this beverage. All the flipping I did today helped too.

  5. Plyometrics is also on the same days as I do yoga. That last sentence in the previous reply was a little confusing. I meant to say I was 1/5th as sore on Monday as I was last Thursday which may be due to this beverage I had. Low and medium rep work is important for building lean muscle mass while the higher rep work is important for building mobility, endurance, and joint strength. I like to consider my weightlifting days low-medium rep and my yoga days as high rep work.

  6. I will re-investigate splitting up routines and adding up to three sets per exercise as I progress in this routine. If I did split up workouts, it would still be 3 days a week 48 hours apart. I will also investigate working out less such as Casey Viator when he would workout on only mondays and fridays the first week, wednesdays the second week, and in the same repetitive pattern for all the rest of the weeks which would account for his best level of development until he did the Colorado Experiment when he worked out 3 times a week.

    Dorian Yates split up his routine while doing a semi high intensity training. He did three sets, but the first two were warm up sets. He did these because he had injured his shoulder. Otherwise he would have likely only had to do the one set for each exercise. Maybe that is the proper way to do it.

  7. Casey Viator probably utilized the most effective approach. 1 minute rest in between sets, 1 set an exercise to complete failure. Because of this low rest, high intensity max to failure training his heart rate was at 220 beats per a minute the whole time. This must have massively increased growth hormone. This was during the Colorado experiment when he did a full body workout 3 times a week 27 minutes a day. Had he loaded up on more calories he probably could have worked out for longer than that. According to Arthur Jones Casey's results were lackluster when Jones wasn't monitoring him. Arthur said Viater realistically only had one month's quality training before winning his competitions, and that's because Jones saw his poor results and coached him at the last minute. So if Viator were to train a quality routine for months it would be hard to imagine how much greater his physique could have been. So he got up to 212 pounds at 2.5% body fat. That is 207 pounds of lean body mass. During his workout he burned 37cal a minute in carbohydrates. That 999cal of carbohydrates in the 27 minute routine, 250g of carbohydrates. So if he wanted to maintain that effort for an hour he would have had to carbohydrate load 500g of carbohydrates two hours before a workout. That's probably the best strategy for gaining mass and losing body fat. If you do that you probably only need to do one set. I would actually do 1 rep max set to failure for each compound lift, only for the powerlifting bench press, squat, chin up, incline bench press, dead lift, and arm curl. I would then rest for 5 minutes and then continue on to the 12 rep max to failure routine, with each exercise a minute apart from the other. My heart rate would likely be 220 beats per a minute once I got to the 12 rep maxes.

  8. Hey congrats and glad to hear you also like egg shell calcium! I'm still doing mostly RRARF but today I went for a 10 minute power walk, my first in 2 months. Hopefully my body temperature won't fall from it, but I'm antsy to get going on some moderate exercise again. Can't wait until I'm able to do yoga again!

  9. Are you still eating liver? I've had a whole piece of liver in the first time of my life. I had a little bit of raw liver before but I puked it up. I look forward to see how my performance improves. I fried it and it didn't taste so bad.

    I've had somewhat of a difficult time loading up carbohydrates on my meals. Maybe that's why bodybuilders consume 6-8 meals a day. My belly just sticks out like a sore thumb.

  10. Hey Daniel, late here, but I experience the same thing. After a big carb meal I get kind of bloated for awhile after. It is a small price to pay for the anabolic, metabolic, and energetic benefits of carb loading IMO.

  11. riles,

    Do you still have issues with glucose metabolism? Like the thirst and night wakings?

  12. Hey Erika,
    All of those problems seemed to go away. Although I am not sure if it was just TIME that allowed my body to adapt or it could have been the fact that I increased the amount of protein I am consuming as well.

  13. Would you give me an idea of you diet? I am trying to recover from chronic fatigue, insomnia, and food intolerances. (from being an 'anorexic' runner) Trying to gain weight and improve digestion and glucose tolerance. Came over from Matts blog. Are you handling three large meals a day? How do you compose those? how much protein carbs fat? How long did it take and do you think exercise was a big part of it?

  14. I am not tolerating potatos. I think it's the chemicals. i read they mess with the acetylcholine system and that seems to be what happens cause I get super revved, and can't sleep for days.. When I run out, I have a withdrawal complete with lack of appetite, headaches, and no appetite, projectile puking, you get the picture. So I am trying to focus my carbs on non nightshade sources. All sorts of grains, yam, sweet potatoes.
    I get really shaky and hungry. Especially at night and early morning. Then I am out of it the rest of the day. I think from eating large meals. Did that kind of tiredness go away as well?

  15. Hello Erika,
    My diet right now pretty much revolves around potatoes or rice with some beef and chicken and occasional eggs. For me 3 meals a day eating as much as I want at each of them works best for me. A normal lunch for me is 2 lbs of potatoes or 1.5 cups worth of dry rice cooked and then 8-10 oz of very lean ground beef. This is quite a bit of food. I keep my ratio to 2:1 starch to protein grams wise with just a little bit of fat found in the meat or a little coconut oil. I definitely think exercise helped my glucose metabolism. But I also enjoy lifting weights and trying to become stronger. I can feel a little depressed if I go too long not exercising or being active.
    I would suggest maybe try eating a more protein and maybe 4-5 meals instead of 3. It may help. Also, When I first went to a high carb diet my main source for starch was well cooked oatmeal. That seemed to help with the blood sugar issues in the beginning. Your tiredness maybe be from a poor glucose metabolism depending on what kind of diet you came from or how over exercised you were.

  16. Yeah I do well with oatmeal. It's just hard to get enough down. I am switching between rice, oats, millet, quinoa, yams so on right now. Just today I started the 5 meals. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully someday I will be able to get back to three normal meals.

    I am coming from every dietary experiment, and running myself to death. Glad to hear you've improved. You feel pretty normal these days? Can go out and eat junk on occassion? I think it will take a good while for me, but I have hope I will get there.

    I am goign to add more protein. Lamb tonight!


  17. I am definitely feeling much better and my athletic performance is increasing too. My main problem right now that I am trying to fix is getting good quality sleep at night. I just cant seem to sleep through the entire night with out waking 3-4 times every night. I do definitely eat a little "junk food" like at holidays, special occasions, or going out on a date. I dont't seem to suffer at all from it though. Keep me up to date how your recovery goes.

  18. Yeah, sleep would be nice, as I write this at 1 am. I always wake up now, completely nauseatingly hypoglycemic. And hardly ever fall back asleep. Any thoughts on that?


  19. Have you tried a higher fat approach?

  20. Hey, I usually eat 3-4 big meals with 2 cups of cooked rice in each meal. That sounds too much, but it still totals around 2500-3000 Calories.

    Sometimes it's hard for me to wake up. But drinking salty fruit juice would help.

    And sometimes I can wake up with no effort. It depends on how I ate the day before. If I eat fruits with salty foods or drink salty fruit juice, then I can wake up easily the next day. So I think it's caused by an electrolyte imbalance.

    A lot of times when I think I'm hypoglycemic, I'm actually not. My "hypoglycemic" feelings may be actually caused by an electrolyte imbalance. Those feelings could be caused by a sodium deficiency, a potassium deficiency, or both.

  21. Erika,

    Chris Masterjohn recommends eliminating millet because it's goitrogenic.

    People who have thyroid problems or other problems associated with iodine deficiency or cyanide exposure should consider experimenting with the following dietary restrictions: 1) eliminate millet; 2) moderate soy and only consume it with additional sources of iodine; 3) limit crucifer intake to five servings per week, only eat more than this if ti is boiled, and match one's crucifer intake with extra iodine; 4)avoid foods with cyanogenic glycosides unless they are extensively boiled or crushed and leached in running water for several days, and match one's cyanogen intake with extra iodine and vitamin B12-containing foods or supplements (but not cyanocobalamin).


  22. Organism

    I have enough 'intolerances,' I am not going to eliminate a food that works well for me, despite what anyone says. There is something in every food that can cause problems. Oh well.

    Electrolytes play a huge roll in everything. Including glucose metabolism. In a depleted body, you can feel fluctuations much more so in a well nourished body.


  23. Erika,
    Definitely keep up with the eating of foods that make you feel good. That will for sure help.

    If you ever feel like testing potatoes again, try using russets, peel them, and boil them until the fall apart.

    As far as the sleep issue, for me it is getting a little better but it has been a slow process. I found that eating a lot of sea salt with my food during the day helps as well as making sure I am very hydrated. I remember reading somewhere that the more insulin sensitive you are the more water you should be drinking.

    With fat, I am eating more now than I was in the beginning. I am going to be experiment with even more fat to see if it will help with muscle gains and see if anything else comes with it. I dont ever really crave fat so I dont feel that I am "deficient"

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