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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Week Goes By

This week I downloaded a program called PG Offline Lite which allows you to save and archive Yahoo Group messages. I got the entire Bruce K Health Skeptics Group messages. I like to read through them periodically because I found new things constantly that I can apply to my search for optimal health.

I have finally finished the my workout routine for the next 6 weeks. It will by a 3-day split hitting each muscle group twice a week. It is 6x6 scheme which i feel will result in the best muscle confusion and recovery. I'm gonna try and take progress pics maybe once a week.

Nutrition - -
This is the big topic in my life right now. If you are reading this and haven't been to Matt Stone's 180Degree Health get over there and get your knowledge on. I agree with 90% percent of what he says and recomend following his diet suggestions to heal the metabolism.


  1. Riles!

    Are you still eating mostly potatoes as starch? How do you do on whole grain stuff like brown rice and steel cut oats?

    I recently decided they make me feel terrible compared to potatoes and sourdough.

  2. My new post will describe it all!

  3. Hi Riles,

    I was just wondering, is there any way you could send me all the messages of the Health Skeptics Group (via e-mail or sth)? I can't use the software you mention but would really like to have them... Thanks!

  4. Just to clarify why I'm having trouble with this - I'm using a mac

    So I'm also not sure I'll be able to read through the messages without this software... what kind of format are they in?

  5. Sure thing Jana, I will see if i can figure out how to get it to work for you

  6. Thanks, Riles! If you manage to figure it out, please e-mail me at grenkasol at gmail.com.


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