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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Stuff

So A couple of changes and some new information...

Diet Wise-
What I have found that works best for me is POTATOES! I swear they are like the perfect food! The reasons I like potatoes are as follows: Easy to find buy and/or grow, Cheap as hell, Easy/quick to cook, Digest quickly without bloat, Taste amazing, Very satiating. Now I used to be all over the oatmeal scene due to all the bodybuilders but eggs&potatoes vs. eggs&oatmeal, potatoes win every time. Oatmeal seems to sit in my stomach longer and digest very slowly. I'm not sure if it is the fiber or the proteins in it that causes this.

Most of the time I eat a high carb(starch)/low fat diet. Occasionally I will eat a fatty meal. I believe this mimics feast & famine conditions and increases the anabolism of the body. I also stay low fat as it allows me to keep my pufas at 3grams or so per day.

I also picked up a blood glucose meter and have been monitoring it for the last 5 days or so. I have found that after a meal of 24oz of potatoes and 8oz of beef, the one hour postprandial is around 120 and at two hours is at around 80.

Another little update is that I have increased each meals amount of carbs. So we will see if that changes anything.


  1. what happened to your comprehensive diet theory post man?

  2. I had to study for a practical this weekend and I got behind. I will have a diet theory post this afternoon.

  3. Riles,

    Nice blog man. I float around on 180 and have seen some of your insightful commentary.

    Just had to say I love me some potatoes as well. In fact the wife jokes that I would be a content man with only two things sex and potatoes.

    I will stop in every once and a while. As I am starting to figure out that your dietary insight is very aligned with what I am currently having a lot of success with. High Carb, minimal protein, minimal fat with the focus on the fat being as saturated as possible.

  4. Thanks Nathan,
    Definitely keep stopping by as I'm planning on updating the blog more often with updates and progression. I will also keep the research and hypothesis coming in.


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