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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A little slacking on the posts

Its been a while since my last posting. So here is what's new...
I've taken the last week off of training because I have been feeling very overtrained. I have decided to start a new routine a la Vince Gironda (probably my favorite bodybuilder/trainer). He is from the golden age of bodybuilding (40's&50's). I will be using his bulking course for the next 6 weeks the see how much I can gain.

Diet wise, I have been eating about the same, around 4 lbs of potatoes + 1lb beef + 12 egg whites and random vegetables and herbs. I am stilling toying and tweaking with my diet to see if I should increase carbs and keep protein the same or swap that and increase protein and keep carbs the same. And I will probably start toying with my fat intake as well.


  1. What's wrong with the egg yolks? Arnold Schwarzennegar recommends having the yolks too. There's a differing of opinions on it. Matt Stone also likes the egg yolks I believe.

    Dan Holt

  2. I eat 1-2 egg yolks a day. I am only eat this amount to reduce my pufas. Egg whites by themselves are very similar in composition to shellfish protein.


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