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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Current Routine

This is what my current routine looks like:

Monday - Chest & Back

Incline DB Bench Press 6 x 6-8
Flat DB Flys 6 x 8
DB Pullover 6 x 8
Lat Pulldown (Wide Overhand Grip) 6 x 6-8
Cable Row 6 x 8

Tuesday - Shoulder, Bi & Tri

Behind Neck Shoulder Press 6 x 6-8
Lateral DB Raise 6 x 8
Standing BB Curl 6 x 6-8
Incline DB Curl 6 x 8
Lying French Press 6 x 8
Tri Rope Extension 6 x 8

Wednesday - Legs & Lower Back

Leg Extension 6 x 8-10
Front Squat 6 x 6
Romanian Deadlift 4 x 8

Thursday - Chest & Back

Flat Bench Press 6 x 6
Incline DB Flys 6 x 8
Straight Arm Pulldown 6 x 8
Chin Up/Supinated Lat Pulldown 6 x 6
Bent-over Row 6 x 8

Friday - Shoulders, Bi & Tri

DB Shoulder Press 6 x 6-8
Upright Row 6 x 8
Preacher Curl 6 x 6
Concentration Curl 6 x 8
DB Lying French Press 6 x 8
Tri Pushdown 6 x 8

This is what my routine looks like that I have been following for about 5 weeks now. I have increasing each exercise either in reps or in weight each workout. I do a very short rest between sets no more than 1 min. I rest 2 min between exercises. Workouts normally take me about 75 mins.


  1. My routine before this was much higher volume (Serge Nubret's routine) 6 x 12 with a little different split. It worked very well for losing fat but I was becoming too overtrained due to not eating enough I believe.

  2. Looks pretty good. You might want to do a few less sets in a higher rep range between 10-20. Stop tracking or logging your weight and reps and start focusing more on your actual experience of the movements, really feeling it in the muscles.

  3. Thanks again for all the tips and information. Its been a great help. I only have one more question for you right now. How often and for how long do you normally take a break from training?

  4. Its not a set time. Probably a week or 2 every 3-4 months would be about right. You should just go by your own feedback. If it has been 3 months and you notice that all of a sudden you have no energy and your weight and reps are dropping big time then take a week off. If it has been 4 months and youre feeling good with great energy and your weight and reps are really going up, then don't stop just because you think you need a break at a predetermined time. Ride the wave when it is going good, and then take a longer break when it comes down.

    Alot of times breaks will just come no matter where you are in your program. Maybe a vacation would come up or another great opportunity that would cause you to miss some workouts. Don't be one of those guys who turns down great opportunities in life just so you can get to the gym on time.

  5. Good points. I am slowly reaching the point where I realize that training should be more instinctual. It seems to be a common theme among most of the great bodybuilders. While I do believe that when you are just starting out, using a set routine helps. Once you reach a point, you just have to go with how you feel. Sometimes I find myself going easier on one muscle group while training harder and heavier on another that same workout. It must be because "the body" knows best.


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