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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Update

It has been a while since I gave a personal update. I have been doing a lot of reading on several blogs and am starting to incorporate some things I have read into my diet.
All this week I have been eating my largest meal which I increased the calories of (160g Carbs 70g Protein) at lunch, which happens to be my post-workout meal. It feels pretty good doing it this way.

I have also been replacing potatoes with white rice at a few meals as I think I am going to switch and have rice as my main starch. I have been reading about how iron can interfere with glucose tolerance and potatoes are fairly high in iron.
I have decided to continue to increase my overall caloric intake. I will be doing this slowly, adding 250 a day, each week.

I found this great little program on one of the bodybuilding sites I frequent. Total Metabolism Forecaster If you go to the last page of this thread you will find the most recent version. It allows you to plug in calories and macros as well as other variables and helps you determine how your metabolism will react to those variables. It seems to be pretty accurate and shows what percent of starvation does to the slowing of your metabolism.


  1. man, you were basically the reason I began to eat more potatoes as my carb source but now you're telling me it's bad? That kinda sucks. If you switch to having white rice as your main starch source then how are you going to be able to get all the RDA vitamins? Because when I eat around 5 pounds of potatoes and 1.5 pounds of meat the only vitamin im low in is calcium. (I guess also vitamin A but i try to eat liver once a week)

  2. Rosenfeltc: I am just playing with the idea right now. Rice is cheaper, but now that I think about it, potatoes are more nutrious. Maybe I will continue to eat potatoes but eat less of the skins as that is where more than half of the iron is.

    How much liver do you eat when you do eat it?

    I have been thinking about replacing one of meat meals with a liver meal once a week to see how that works.

  3. ah I see, I've been eating all of my potatoes without the skin basically mashed in with either the butter or coconut oil that i cook them in.
    As for liver, I eat about a 6 oz portion either once or twice a week as a substitute for what would be my normal sirloin steak or other red meat.
    I tried eating some Kale for some calcium since I'm lactose intolerant but It tasted pretty bad, what do you do for calcium?

  4. Rosenfeltc:
    I don't eat much kale or other veggies very often maybe a couple times a week, every other week. I only eat onions and hot peppers everyday. You could try sauteing the kale with onions and potatoes and it tastes not bad.

    I personally think the requirements for calcium are much lower than the RDA suggests. I think people adapt to a lower calcium diet. Cow's milk has 3.5 times more calcium then human milk.

    I am curious, how many meals do you normally eat a day? How long do you normally go between meals?
    I have come to realize that "high-glycemic" meals satisfy me for longer and digest much easier as well.

  5. I basically eat 3 times a day and my meals tend to be about the same each time just cause I'm trying to find the best way to eat for my goals (strength and speed) and not necessarily eat for taste. In fact, I wouldn't mind eating the nasty Kale if I knew for sure that it was providing me with something that could ultimately help me a lot.
    For my breakfast though I usually have "tortilla de patata" which is eggs with potatoes but I've cut out all my egg consumption right now in order to lower my polyunsaturated fat content to see if that helps any. My meals are anywhere between 1000-1500 calories each so I usually average around 4000-4500 a day, not really on purpose but I just make sure to eat till full.

    I read your post about downloading all the posts from Bruce K, is there anything important in there that hasn't been mentioned in the 180 website?

  6. I pretty much eat the exact same way you do. Function not so much taste. I really wouldn't worry about the Kale too much. From most of my readings, all vegetables were pretty much famine foods until the last 100 years.

    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
    What type of training do you do?

    As far as Bruce K posts, there is not much there that hasn't been said on the 180 website. Every once in awhile I find an interesting study or other bit of information I hadn't heard before.

  7. I'll give you a summary of my diet experiences. Until the age of 19 I was basically eating SAD but I was always skinny, 6'1"-6'2" and 165-170 pounds. I played soccer, trained MMA and lifted weights but I could never get big and my max bench press never went above 185.

    However, the way the SAD diet affected me was with horrible acne and depression. Did some research and discovered about candida so I went on candida diet for 4 months which helped a lot with my diet but my soccer performance went down a little bit.

    Then I found "the Bear", which led me to the zerocarb forum and reading about the Inuit and Stefansson. So I did 8 months of Zerocarb, basically nothing but meat (mostly 80/20 ground beef). Acne went completely away but my weight lifting and soccer performance dropped a lot. I kept being told that it would just take time to become fat adapted which I always had my doubts since everywhere else said that anaerobic exercise requires carbohydrates. At the time I still weighed around 168 pounds.

    Then I read a lot from Matt Stone and decided to do HED, first week was basically perfect, I felt great and no acne, I gained weight up to 180 but it felt like it was mostly muscle. Unfortunately though I decided to experiment with Iodoral for 3 days cause I thought my temperatures were low (later found out I was taking the readings wrong) and that really seemed to throw me off, I got horrible acne and gained 5 pounds mostly around my belly. I dropped the Iodoral and a week later decided to experiment with raw milk (drank it cold which I later read on 180 that its not the best way to drink it) that gave me horrible acne as well so I stopped and decided to continue eating HED without gluten grains and no supplementation.

    I eat probably around 35-45% Carbs and Fat and 10-20% protein. I have been taking the advice about not exercising a lot, mostly been doing some push ups, pull ups and playing some soccer. But last Sunday, I went to the gym cause a friend asked me to come and I decided to max out on the bench and I maxed out at 205 which really surprised me cause that's a lot higher than what I was ever able to do even when I lifted 5 times a week 2 hours a day lol. I currently weigh 190 and I'm 6'2", and I feel like I would be very happy with my body If i could just drop to 185 and keep my muscle so I'm constantly researching and experimenting with my diet to achieve the best performance I can strength and speed wise while at the same time having clear skin.

    The only thing that sometimes bothers me is that I'm afraid that If I do have candida, that I'm feeding the crap out of it with all the potatoes and white rice im eating.

  8. Its funny how we both pretty much stumbled through the same diets in the same order. Only differences is my search was originally to lose weight, which I did with a very low carb/ almost meat only diet. Then my health began to worsen was losing muscle and strength. Finally finding 180 and modifying it to what you see today.
    I don't know much about Candida, but I'm pretty sure you are eating the optimal diet to control/kill it. Low pufas should decrease inflammation and allow your autoimmune system to keep infections and other problems like that from occurring.

  9. Unrefined starches don't feed candida, just stay away from fructose.

    Riles... i give blood a few times a year to get rid of excess iron in the body.


  10. If you ever looked at Bruce Lee's diet he had the liver twice a week. He had starches and fats. His dish was rice, chicken/steak, some type of gravy or food based topping, vegetables, meat over fried rice. Delicious combination.

    It sounds like that Iodoral was detoxing the bromine from your body. The 5 pound gain was anabolic growth. The raw milk also works as a detox because of the antimicrobial properties in it's fat. The immunoglobins, cystine, etc.

  11. oh wait, steamed rice, not fried rice. Big difference there.

    Dan Holt


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