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Monday, March 22, 2010

Something on the Horizon

Thus far I have still been eating mostly potatoes for carbs and todays workout went really well. It was Chest & Back and I had good energy and intensity. The workout looked like this:

Neutral Grip Incline DB Bench 6x6
Flat DB Flys 6x8
DB Pullover 6x8
Wide Grip Pulldown 6x8
Cable Row 6x8

This may seem like high volume but it is at a very fast pace and I have alot of down time during the day to recover. The other change is that I am planning on really building up my legs and body using 20 rep squats. This is one of the best over all body builders of all time.

I been contemplating and conversing with a couple of people and I have decided to go a little "unorthodox" with the diet. By this I mean compared to what the standard "bodybuilding diet" looks like.

Change 1] I am increasing my kcals much higher than they have been. I have been kind of consciously limiting my calories trying to get leaner. But after a recent discussion I realize that I need to eat some serious food to build more muscle which in turn will burn body fat. I am focusing on maintaining my protein and consuming more energy foods to fuel my body for growth

Change 2 ] I am planning to take creatine monohydrate which I am going to start next week. It has been suggested to me that I should load for 5 days at 30grams a day and then maintain at 5grams a day for 6 months. I am kind of excited to start this as it is the only natural supplement that has ever really been proven to increase muscle mass and strength

Change 3] LIVER & STOCK...I am going to eat a serving of liver once a week at first to build up my vitamin reserve. I am also going to be making bone stock to further increase the amount of vitamins and minerals I consume.

Hopefully with these changes as well as the additional calories will allow me to put on 20 lbs of muscle. I will try and remember to take some before pics to document the whole process.


  1. Cool man, I really hope those changes help increase your strength while maintaining your leanness!

  2. I read that you really don't need to creatine load, and that loading just increases water retention, causing the puffy look.... they say its just best to just start up with the regular servings. I don't know though, i have never experimented with creatine. I read at Martins B. site that he really likes the 20 rep breathing squats, and i had since added them in once a week or once every other week... the shit is tough.


  3. Some people are saying a once or twice a week whole body workout is all you need. To each his own. Everyone has a debate, and I am of the debate you want to do three full body workouts a week. I feel you should only do 1 set for each muscle fiber group to failure. There are three muscle fiber groups. The 20 rep squat works on all three, while working on the "bodybuilder" muscle fiber group especially. If you're going to do just one set that's the best to go. I think you should start off with a 1 rep max, then a 12 or 20 rep max depending on if you're working out the upper/lower body, and then a 30+ max rep set of bodyweight exercises like body squats, pushups, pullups, etc.

    You need to load up with the extra water weight with creatine in order to get the most results. If you're low bodyfat the extra water weight is hardly noticeable. It increases your strength and endurance by 25% so it's definately worth it. Creatine is considered a natural steroid and it works. If you're self conscious and you are just beginning with weights you might be too mentally weak to take creatine. Not because it is dangerous because it isn't, but because you're too afraid of looking "fat" which you already likely look.

    Are you taking that magnesium chloride oil or the kelp granules Riley? Those two will also be of great help. I would now say try 3 oz of magnesium chloride in a bath once a week. After three months reduce that amount down to 14 tspn magnesium baths once a week. Have 4tspns of kelp flakes a day for 3 months and then lower the amount to 1 tspn of kelp flakes a day.

    Thank you,
    Dan Holt

  4. *reboil the broth with the kelp in it everyday you have the broth. Easiest way to have the kelp with the broth. Have the broth with every meal.

  5. Rosenfelt: Thanks for the motivation. I saw you were asking about sugar and such on 180. I think as long as you are consuming it from natural sources and not in large amounts you should be fine. Especially due to the fact that you are active and in good health.

    Troy: Thanks for the heads up on the creatine. I am not super worried about about of bloat from it. I am going to try the load and see how I react to it.
    20 rep breathing squats is hellish, but its very good for growth stimulation and conditioning. My goal is to work up to 315.

  6. Dan: about the workouts. When I finish the program I am on now, 3 weeks, I will be going to a 3x a week routine similar to what you posted above. I will make a post about it later when I get closer to switching.

    The creatine, as I wrote to Troy, is not something I am "afraid" of using. I am actually excited to try it out and share my experience with it which I am sure will be positive.

    I have ordered the kelp granules as well and will be using them with the broth as you suggested. I will be ordering and trying the magnesium oil in about a month.

  7. Troy: I forgot to ask above how the low PUFA was going for you. Are you still running around barefoot aswell?

  8. Low PUFA is going very very well... probably getting around 4grams a day.... i rocked it in the weight room yesterday. I am still barefooting it a couple or three times a week... been doing it in the snow lately, for as long as i can take it... which is around 15 to 20 minutes. I started doing hot yoga once a week for kicks... its really fun.



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